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Project: T173700 #30/118

CEATI awarded this project to METSCO to provide a comprehensive summary of best practice testing, activities, and guidelines for successful commissioning of electrical stations, associated apparatus, and systems. Commissioning plans developed should provide direction for the commissioning process during construction and installation, providing resolution for issues such as scheduling, roles and responsibilities, assignment of duties, lines of communication and reporting, approvals, and coordination. The study includes procedures such as witnessing requirements, multiple checks if required, functional performance tests required, as well as when they should be done and the appropriate level of sign-off required to ensure completeness.

This guide provides a comprehensive and best practice summary for commissioning test procedures of all key substation equipment including transformers, circuit breakers, underground cables inside the substation, CVTs/CTs/PTs, surge arresters, reactors, capacitor banks, and substation grounding. The document provides guidance for a pass or fail criteria based on the latest guides and standards and industry practices. The literature review was conducted by reviewing multiple documents including IEEE and NETA standards and utility commissioning documents available online. This report also covers the compilation of survey results with the participation of 13 utilities.

The report provides the most up-to-date technical information and practices on the commissioning aspects of substation assets. This guide also covers METSCO’s expertise and experience with commissioning planning and execution. The civil and structural aspects of station equipment commissioning have been presented at depth based on METSCO’s in-house technical expertise. Basic integrity verification testing (such as go/no-go for an AC Hipot) as well as advanced diagnostic testing recently being used (such as Dielectric Frequency Response, Partial Discharge Test, and Sweep Frequency Response) are also considered in the scope of the project.


Inspection Test Plan (ITP), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), Commissioning Testing