Project: T183700 #30/124

The purpose of this project is to provide a comprehensive summary of best practice testing, activities and guidelines for successful on-site condition assessment of high voltage instrument transformers (HVIT’s) for rated voltage of 69kV up to 500 kV.

The document will provide guidance for evaluation of the condition of HVIT’s based on latest guides and standards, industry practice, and METSCO’s expertise.

 Station service voltage transformer (SSVT) is excluded from the scope of the work. The study will consider different instrument transformers from 69kV to 500kV voltage class including:

-   Coupling capacitor voltage transformers (CCVT or CVT),

-   Potential transformers (PT) or voltage transformers (VT),

-   Current transformers (CT)


The study will cover condition assessment of both oil-filled instrument transformers and new dry-type instrument transformers.