Project: T183700 #30/130

The objective of the proposed project is to deliver an EMI immunity design guide for substations incorporating up-to-date standards, guidelines and technology. In order to ensure reliable and cost-effective substation facilities, a comprehensive design strategy must be established to ensure that all the key issues for the substation electromagnetic compatibility design process are properly identified and formally documented. Normal responsibilities of the substation design engineer will be covered, including preparation of equipment and site facilities specifications covering performance and test requirements, installation, grounding, shielding and site verification testing as required. A list of references will be provided to aid in the provision of more detailed information.

This project will study and recommend on good installation and EMI suppression practices and will provide guidance on the immunity and verification requirements needed to be compatible with a given level of EMI. The susceptible substation equipment must be capable of withstanding the maximum interference level expected in a given application. This electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) level of the equipment is specific to the type of interference under consideration. In addition, it is necessary to specify both the immunity level and the emission limit of each equipment item as the equipment itself must limit the generation and coupling of EMI to levels well below the susceptibility testing levels of adjacent equipment. The study will also provide recommendations for the protection of substation equipment and buildings against external EMI sources.