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Project: T193700 #30/131

This report is a comprehensive guide for performing a structured Equipment Root Cause Failure Analysis (ERCFA), with specific emphasis on substation equipment. It provides guidance on performing an ERCFA, including the tools to use, and how and when to use them. It includes checklists for the data sources needed for major substation equipment categories at the start of an ERCFA investigation. It also provides as an example an actual ERCFA that was performed for a loss of all DC control power event at a substation.

ERCFA does not just identify what failed in a piece of equipment, although this is also important. Identifying what failed is troubleshooting. The most important part of the ERCFA process is why it failed, including other contributions that made that failure more likely.

Root cause investigation and analysis is a part of the bigger objective of total quality management. The overall goal is preventing events. For equipment, specifically, it is to prevent failures. When a failure does occur, the goal is to perform an adequate equipment root cause failure investigation that identifies the root and contributing cause(s) such as to prevent the failure from recurring.


Root Cause, Failure, Analysis, RCFA, Equipment, ERCFA, Substation, Investigation, Troubleshooting, Prevent, Contributing cause, Direct cause, Apparent cause, Causal factor, Probable cause, Transportability, Performance