Project: T193700 #30/133

The primary objective of this project will be to deliver a RCM worksheet reference standard for specific substation equipment that can be adopted and configured by the utility in order to develop an optimal maintenance program. Best practice industry standards will be referenced as part of this initiative in order to support the development of the reference standard. This includes industry standard SAE JA-1011 (Evaluation Criteria for RCM Processes), which outlines the key requirements for an RCM analysis process.

Ultimately, the reference standard will provide insight to utilities for developing and implementing RCM specific for substation infrastructure. This will include best practices for rolling out Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA) studies for substation assets, identifying critical root causes of failure and identifying the optimal maintenance tasks required to mitigate these root causes and failure modes. Surveys will be conducted with various utilities, and research will be performed from available industry resources. The produced product will serve as a reference guide, containing the results, including FMEA, root causes and optimal maintenance tasks and activities that utilities should perform when developing and implementing maintenance programs that align with best industry practices.

METSCO is proposing that four substation asset classes be explored through this process as a starting point, with selection of the asset classes being determined collectively between METSCO, CEATI and the participating utilities.