Project: T213700 #30/141

EDM’s objective is to develop a succinct guide which will allow an engineer to determine what products and approaches are available and to prevent electrical outages and problems caused by animal intrusions into proposed and existing electrical substations. This is in alignment with SEAM group objectives to improve performance, reliability and availability of equipment while reducing associated costs.

The effort will begin by conducting a literature search on animal-caused outages as they pertain to electrical substations. Resolving substation outages is dependent upon knowing what animals are causing the problems and then applying the proper solutions, which may include insulation, isolation (disks/barriers), specialized internal fencing, and habitat modification. EDM proposes to compile a list of all products/approaches used to mitigate substation problems. This data will then be used to develop a substation outage survey for CEATI members in order to gather information on the types of methods being deployed and successes and failures. The results of the literature search and survey will be used to develop a compendium of approaches to effectively resolve existing substation outages and measures to use in new substation designs to impede future problems. The approaches and products will be organized by the equipment they are designed to protect (e.g. breakers/reclosers, transformers, bus conductors, regulators, capacitors, etc.).