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Project: T123700 #3127

As the penetration level of renewable energy resources in transmission and distribution systems rapidly increases, understanding these generation plants’ impacts on system maintenance costs (specifically the wear and tear of transmission/generation assets) is extremely important and urgently needed for proper planning and operations. This report outlines a methodology and analysis approach for estimating the additional wear and tear of transmission and generation facilities due to various penetration levels of variable distributed generation (DG) plants, such as large wind farms and solar PV parks. The methodology was applied to an IEEE benchmark system with variable loads and large renewable generation farms to quantify and compare the differences that were caused by penetration levels in the asset operation periods and maintenance intervals from base line levels (under No DG condition) to the amounts influenced by several penetration levels of DG plants.


Wear and tear impact, Impact quantification, Mitigation, Energy storage, Operation and maintenance cost, Sequential power flow, Tap changers