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Project: T153700 #3129

The trend towards the increased application of emerging/advanced technologies in North American power systems has become more prominent with the growing need for higher stability, higher reliability, improved power quality, improved voltage profile, lower losses, and so on.

Some of these technologies have demonstrated their efficacy in improving power system performance and some have shown significant potential. However, many utilities are hesitant to use these technologies due to a lack of knowledge and experience regarding their advantages and disadvantages. METSCO Energy Solutions Inc. is retained by CEATI to review the emerging technologies and to provide the above information.

This report investigates and introduces the currently available and emerging technologies (including FACTS) that can be used to resolve issues in power systems or to improve the power system performance. The operation characteristics of each technology is briefly explained. Furthermore, the advantageous and disadvantageous of each device are identified.

We believe that the experience of the utilities that have owned these devices is the most reliable source of information for the purposes of this evaluation. Hence, this report also includes the results of a utility survey that reflects the experiences of some of the North American utilities with some ofthe investigated devices/technologies.


Transmission, FACTS, Emerging technologies, Power electronics