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Project: T153700 #3130

The primary objectives of this multi-phase project are to (1) better understand the mechanisms which result in losing voltage sensitive load, (2) predict the size of voltage sensitive load that would be lost during a disturbance as well as its location, (3) examine the impacts of this unintended load loss, and (4) enable subsequent studies to explore options for minimizing load loss. This report presents the results of phase 1, which focuses on a literature search and previous case studies related to voltage sensitive load. The initial phase sets the stage for the future phases by developing an understanding of what has already been accomplished in the literature with regards to mechanisms and available solutions for predicting the loss of voltage sensitive loads during contingency conditions and the level of depth that is required in the future phases for achieving the above mentioned objectives.


Adjustable speed drive, Fault induced delay voltage recovery, Load loss, Motor, Prediction, Voltage sensitive load