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Project: T163700 #3131

With over 1,700 PMUs (Phasor Measurements Units) deployed in the North American grid, numerous PMU-based applications are being developed by vendors, utilities, and academia. These applications have various functionalities and different technology readiness levels, and fall into different categories based on their functionalities and time horizon of use.

During this project, the author worked closely with NASPI, DOE, NERC SMS (Synchronized Measurement Subcommittee), IEEE PES CFWG (Cascading Failure Working Group), as well as electric utilities and regional organizations, vendors, and academia.

This report includes a list of PMU-based applications that are currently deployed, as well as those that are under development/demonstration/testing, as a means to better understanding their capabilities.


Synchrophasor, PMU-based application, linear state estimation, phase angle limit, enhanced situational awareness, oscillation analysis, model validation