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Project: T163700 #3132

This project CEATI PSPO 3132: Voltage Sensitive Load Loss: Guide to Planning Studies and Mitigation Factors is a follow up work of the previous project CEATI PSPO 3130 that EnerNex completed in the Year 2015. The primary objectives of this project are to 1) build on the existing body of work that EnerNex completed as part of CEATI PSPO 3130 by updating this report, 2) develop a simulation model with the components suitable for meaningful investigations of Fault-Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery (FIDVR), 3) understand the causes of voltage sensitive load loss during FIDVR phenomenon, 4) develop a guideline for creating a computer model that is suitable for studying FIDVR, and 5) develop a guideline for conducting FIDVR-related studies.

This report, at first, presents some of the updates on the content of CEATI PSPO 3130 report and the review of voltage sensitive load characteristics. Next, it presents a detailed description on the computer simulation model developed in GE PSLF utilizing the composite load model in order to replicate the real world FIDVR phenomenon that occurred at the Valley Station of Southern California Edison (SCE). Finally, it presents the results of detailed sensitivity analysis of different parameters of motor loads of the composite model performed on two different test systems. Based on this parameter sensitivity analysis, a general guideline to model FIDVR type events is developed and presented.


Fault-induced delayed voltage recovery, Load loss, Air conditioner motors, Voltage sensitive load