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Project: T173700 #3134

This report documents the findings of a study analyzing the “Impacts on Transmission System Operations when Integrating DER (Distributed Energy Resources)”. It is a follow-up to a prior impact analysis report in 2017 called “Impact on Distribution Operations when Integrating DER” under the CEATI project T164700-3804.

The objective of this study was to identify the major impacts on transmission grid operations when integrating distributed energy resources (DER) and determine the most appropriate technical solutions to resolving those impacts.

This project report describes the results and accomplishments that include industry interviews, literature reviews, operational impact analysis, business processes impacts, technology solutions available, gap analysis, and a generic DER operational maturity model. We present our analysis conclusions and propose utilities develop their own custom roadmaps using the provided assessment framework.


Distributed Energy Resources, DER, Distributed Generation, Energy Storage, Demand Responses, Aggregated Energy Resources, Transmission Operations, Renewable Energy, Distributed Energy Aggregations, Smart Grid, Operations Maturity Model.