Project: T193700 #3138


1. To review and update the work carried out in the 2007-08 timeframe on planning and operating power systems with a large percentage of renewable generation on-line

2. To provide guidance to utility staff involved in both operating and planning the grid on managing the power system during periods of low or moderate demand with a significant amount of self-scheduling renewable generation on-line, much of which may be inverterfed. This objective could be met by providing training material on this topic.

3. To provide guidance on options to reduce high voltages including the consideration of

a. Transmission transformer setting changes (both no load taps and load tap changers),

b. Transmission inductor banks (dry/oil filled types, direct/transformer tertiary winding connected, passive/active types (including iron-core inductor bank with DC bias dynamic control)). Provide the pros/cons on any options to improve voltage regulation.