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Project: T143700 #3259

The transmission line arrester assessment guide has been written for transmission line personnel, from the novice to the most experienced journeyman. In order to make the guide as useful as possible, the first two chapters are dedicated to the basics of arresters. Terminology is covered in detail for both IEC and IEEE related users. A number of pages are dedicated to the fundamentals of arresters in general, as well as the proper means for selecting transmission line arresters. Following the tutorials on arresters, there are two chapters on assessment options for the user. Energized assessment options cover both traditional methods as well as new methods that have not yet been completely developed. The De-energized assessment section covers methods that are considered most appropriate and several methods that should be avoided.

Following the energized and de-energized assessment/inspection options, the report covers what was learned in meeting with the suppliers of monitoring equipment, arrester manufacturers and users. Resources are provided to assist buyers of the equipment, highlighting what to look out for.

The final section outlines research and future opportunities to both invest and fund studies for the development of new methods of arrester assessment.


Transmission Line Arresters, NGLA, EGLA, Energized Maintenance, De-energized Maintenance, Thermal Imaging, Leakage Current