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Project: T153700 #3264

A road map and methodologies had been proposed for the development of health indices (HI) for transmission lines. Unlike the traditional HI formulas that are pre-set and fixed once developed, the HI formula presented in this study provided the flexibility of adapting to future changes in data inputs and maintenance strategies.

The proposed HI formulas are utility specific and are dependent on actual information provided by a utility. As the condition parameter weights were calculated instead of being assigned through subjective speculation, the consistency of the HI formulation is guaranteed. Details are provided include data quality assessment, condition parameter weight calculation, condition scoring criteria determination, and the introduction of age limiter and risk assessment.

As the major deliverable, this study yielded a default HI formula as well as utility specific HI formulas. Detailed explanations are provided at each step in the proposed HI formula. A case study is included to demonstrate the step-by-step procedures of calculating HI and risk assessment results.

Generic data gaps are discussed and each monitor utility was provided with its own data gap list.


Transmission line components, Condition parameter, Age limiter, Data quality, Overlapping condition status, Maintenance action strategy, Historic removal records, Risk assessment, Criticality