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Project: T163700 #3265

Some transmission experts have concluded that the transmission line switch is the weakest link on the transmission grid; if they are not carefully installed and maintained, they will fail. Transmission-line switch maintenance is necessary and important for a reliable transmission system. Lack of maintenance can result in and increased number of failures and more costly repairs. At the same time, maintenance can frequently not be scheduled since transmission operational constraints do affect maintenance scheduling of these switches.

This report provides a maintenance strategy and requirements for the transmission line switch. We consider different configuration aspects and include a qualitative assessment of risk and overall transmission reliability, using failure modes and effects analysis. Also, the maintenance strategy is correlated to operational risks in the form of a qualitative risk evaluation to construct a highly reliable, medium level, and low level of maintenance regimens for the transmission line switch. This is used to determine the maintenance requirements for critical, common, low-level, and run-to-failure switch applications.

This report is unique as it proposes maintenance frequencies; previous industry guidance provided recommendations but no maintenance frequencies.


Transmission, Switch, Switches, Disconnect, Maintenance, Sectionalizing, Risk, Reliability, Dependability, Interrupter, Whip, Arcing, Horn.