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Project: T163700 #3266

This report addresses asset managers' need for consistent reporting of defects by inspectors. Five defect categories are used to categorize component condition, ranging from ‘New’ to ‘Failed’. A set of photos showing typical component conditions was assembled for each component and category within that group. The photo galleries cover all visual condition aspects for above ground component groups. Some defect conditions may require laboratory evaluation and the visual condition inspection reports can provide asset managers with the necessary information to initiate appropriate sampling programs. The photos were assembled from large sets contributed by funding consortium members, CEATI files and the author’s sources. The photo galleries provide a source for training and reference for field inspectors to provide consistent reporting of defects for appropriate plans and action by the asset manager. Reliable and consistent inspection reports are also a key element of a transmission line asset health index.


Field inspection, Condition assessment, Inspection Training, Transmission Asset Management,Transmission Lines Component, Component condition, Transmission Lines Condition photos