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Project: T163700 #3267

CEATI International’s Transmission Line Asset Management Interest Group (TLAM) seeks to build on past efforts by assisting its member utilities in establishing “best practices” for inspection and maintenance programs for their transmission line assets.

The objective of the project is to provide methods and inspection practices for transmission lines in order to improve the quality and completeness of the data collected from various patrols, as well as to increase the consistency of the findings reported by various inspectors. Additionally, the project is designed to provide a framework which utilities can use in order to develop an inspector training program.

Based on interaction with the CEATI TLAM members, an electronic survey of project participants and information gathered regarding best practices for visual inspection of transmission lines, the Project Team put together a framework that can be used as a resource to develop an effective training program that will use a systematic approach. The framework outlined in this report offers an outline for a training program that includes the following activities/phases: analysis of needs, design of instructional methods, development of training materials, implementation and a process of ongoing evaluation to foster continuous improvement.


transmission line inspection, data collection, asset management, aerial patrol, ground/foot patrol, driving patrol, climbing/bucket truck patrol, detailed aerial patrol