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Project: T183700 #3268

This project presents a model and tool that permit an asset manager to vary the inspection interval via the use of a mathematical model based on the age of the asset, the criticality of the asset, the number of actionable component conditions identified in the field, the respective risk associated with each of the field conditions, and the remedial cost of the condition in the field. The model can be applied to a group of assets upon conclusion of each inspection cycle to adjust (i.e., lower or increase the inspection frequency) the next inspection interval and to determine the next scheduling date for a particular inspection activity. The inspection frequency is therefore adjusted based on actual field conditions upon conclusion of each inspection cycle. Adjustment factors suggested by the model provide a numerical multiplier that either decreases or increases the basic inspection frequency of an asset to determine the due date for the next inspection cycle.


Transmission line, Inspection frequency, Inspection cycle, Frequency adjustment, Model, Power line, Component, Condition, Severity, Risk, Avoided cost, Remedial cost.