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Project: T173700 #3275A

This report details consensus specifications and requirements for inspection data collection for routine patrols of Overhead Transmission Lines (OHTLs). This is part of a multi-phase project to accommodate the potential interests of different utilities. For example, some utilities already have mobile IT in place, or are in the process of developing such systems, and therefore are primarily interested in refining their existing inspection data collection requirements (based on the information developed during Phases I and II). Other utilities may be more interested in implementing new inspection applications (Phase III). This report details Phase I of the project.

Phase I project activities fell into three interrelated categories:

1. Formation of a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to provide input and collaboration on the development of consensus specifications and requirements.

2. Collaboration among members of the TAG, CEATI personnel, and project team members via a series of facilitated web meetings/working sessions.

3. Development of project documentation.

The objective of Phase I of this project is:

- To develop specifications and requirements documents for standardized data collection (mobile/field) for Routine Patrols.

  • Facility inventory (as constructed)
  • Inspections:
    • Ground/foot patrol
    • Driving patrol
    • Aerial patrol
    • Detailed aerial patrol
    • Climbing/Bucket truck patrol


asset management, database, maintenance, data collection, facility inventory, inspection, inventory, mobile IT, transmission lines