Project: T213700 #3287

The objective of the project focuses on balancing the risk of failure and the cost of maintenanceprograms. Optimal or near-optimal cost allocation among different maintenance activities (e.g.,inspection, testing, and repair within the program) is necessary to minimize the possibility offailure risks. Evaluation of line component life to maintain reliability and safety is a suboptimizationin the overall analysis process and can not be ignored. At such A point, repair orlife extension versus end-of-life (EOL) replacement decisions are required. The maintenanceprogram should be continuous or periodically reviewed based on failure history and performanceanalysis. Maintenance optimization aims to develop a continuous improvement and consistentevaluation process emphasising the end-of-life condition of line components. Without it, theprioritization of maintenance activities cannot be accurately determined. A guide is developed toprovide a consistent approach to analysis and optimization.