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Project: T163700 #33/111

The primary goal of this research effort is to establish best practice guidelines for the assessment, cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation of existing transmission line (TL) foundation assets to meet future demands. Integrity of the structure-foundation system is often compromised due to aging, corrosion, erosion, cracking, challenging site characteristics, and extreme environmental or climatic conditions that can reduce useful service life. Assessing the exact mechanism and rate of foundation deterioration and predicting its remaining lifetime can be quite complicated, and no established standard procedure is currently available for this. This study comprised four major tasks: (1) A state-of-the-practice survey of utility agencies; (2) A comprehensive literature search focusing on asset management guidelines of TL foundations, infrastructure condition assessment, risk based condition assessment ranking, and developments in the field of non-destructive/non-intrusive evaluation of structural health; (3) Development of a risk-based condition assessment ranking system for existing foundations; and (4) Provision of recommendations (based on the findings and scope of this study) for best practices and future directions regarding the condition assessment of TL foundations.


Asset management, condition assessment, ranking, risk, non-destructive evaluation.