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Project: T173700 #33/115

The authors of this report evaluate the relationship between the inclusion of innovative new, visually-pleasing structures to improve public acceptance of constructing new transmission lines. Opposition to the construction of new transmission lines can negatively impact the project’s schedule, routing, in-service date and costs. This report characterizes and evaluates one factor motivating public opposition: the aesthetic value of transmission structures and the role it plays in public acceptance. The report validates the assumption that innovative new structures can improve levels of public acceptance. This is established through the undertaking of a global survey, a literature review of related materials and the development of two case studies. The first case study is based on the actual experience of constructing a new 2x400kW transmission line in Demark using innovative new structures. The second case study is a theoretical North American case study that extrapolates the experiences and knowledge gained in the Demark project and applies it to a North American context. This research provides valuable information regarding public opposition related to the construction of new transmission lines and addresses the role that innovative new structures can play to improve public acceptance when constructing transmission lines.


Transmission, Public acceptance, Structures, Aesthetics, Pylon, Visual impact