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Project: T173700 #33/116

Modern sensor technologies continue to utilize innovative measurement techniques to monitor important transmission line parameters. Online monitoring of transmission lines reduces the cost of related maintenance work, improves the reliability and security of the system, and can result in higher asset utilization. Various types of devices can monitor weather conditions, ice and wind loads, conductor ampacity, conductor temperature, line tension, sag and clearance, power flow, and insulation leakage. Sensors used in other industries (e.g. bridge monitoring) can also be applied to transmission line monitoring.

This report presents a comprehensive review of the available sensor technologies for monitoring overhead transmission lines in order to improve the industry’s collective understanding of overhead transmission line performance and enhance design effectiveness. The scope of the report is limited to commercially available online monitoring sensors (as opposed to concepts and prototypes) for overhead transmission lines and structures. These sensor technologies are reviewed in depth considering their applications.

The report also documents two case studies that highlight the functionalities of line sensors and consolidate lessons learned from their application within the electric utility industry. One case focuses on vibration monitoring sensors deployed in Ireland, while the other focuses on the computation of dynamic line ratings by sag/clearance monitoring sensors in the USA.


Transmission line sensors, line monitoring, structural health monitoring, Dynamic Line Rating (DLR), vibration monitoring, line ampacity, insulator leakage, wind and ice load monitoring, ice removal, foundation movements