Project: T183700 #33/123

The objective of this project is to prepare a state of the art report for understanding how the calibration is done with respect to reliability based design format. The methodology will be developed to assess and calibrate the old-line design against the new lines, based on RBD design and a methodology to determine the remaining asset life of an old line based on this calibration. The calibration will be done based on analyses of three different line configurations, each using a specific type of structure: Steel tower, H-frame wood pole and tubular pole structures.  A comparison of structural analyses, using ASD and RBD to see how much, if any, additional capacity is available for an existing line would be of interest. The study will also include the background information that is commonly used in developing meteorological maps in North America (NESC, CSA etc.) including various statistical modelling techniques to derive the return period of the loading.