Project: T203700 #33/133

The objective of this project is to prepare a state of the art study report to provide an overview of application of new innovative materials and technologies to improve the capabilities of grid components and performances. The review should include the application of new materials for (1) electrical conductors and shield wires (2) electrical insulation materials and (3) structural supports and hardware. The study will compare the pros and cons of each new material that can possibly be used including importing “alternative materials technology” that are currently being used in other parts of the industries such as automobile, aircraft etc. to see its effective, practical use in the utility industry and gather information on the current use of any such materials in practice. The project will be developed in two stages. The first phase will deal with a questionnaire in the subject area and the information will be sought from TODEM members while in the second phase, the full project proposal will be developed depending on the responses and information shared and received.