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Project: T143700 #3397

This report contains a user survey, literature review and parametric study to investigate the differences, discrepancies and difficulties associated with using manufacturers’ design data to select and analyze non-ceramic insulators. The considered variables include, but are not limited to, the insulator manufacturer, insulator type, line voltage, line angle, conductor size, structure configuration, and insulator strength.

Five (5) goals or tasks make up the scope of this project:

Task 1 – Review of Industry Practices - Literature on the selection process for non-ceramic insulators was reviewed. Based upon this review and the author’s own experience, a questionnaire on specific practices was developed and presented to utilities for completion. The results were summarized in an assessment of the variation of practices.

Task 2 – Review of Industry Standards - Various industry standards for non-ceramic insulators were reviewed and summarized for assessment.

Task 3 – Review of Manufacturer Data - Manufacturers of non-ceramic insulators were identified and contacted for technical data concerning electrical and mechanical characteristics, dimensional data, insulator design criteria, electrical properties, test data and recommendations for insulator selection. The manufacturer’s recommendations for corona ring installation were also requested.

Task 4 – Parametric Study - Parametric transmission line models using PLS-CADD and PLS-POLE were prepared to evaluate suspension, post and braced post insulators as along with their selection process.

Task 5 – Critical Review of Discrepancies - A critical review of the discrepancies of standards, manufacturer data, utility practices and results from the parametric study was performed in order to identify the areas where improvements in the selection process might be made. Changes were then proposed so that the insulators and the manufacturer provided design information may be produced in a more standardized manner.


Insulator, Polymer, Non-Ceramic, Combined Loading, Interaction Diagram, Post, Braced Post