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Project: T063700 #3405

The use of a cable health index is a significant development that enables condition information to be used in a consistent manner to assist with the end-of-life decision making process and to approximate expenditure expectations in future years. The Cable Health Asset Index Software is meant to simplify the implementation of index-based evaluation of cable assets by utilities, providing an easy-to-use graphical user interface and a fully accessible and modifiable database built upon the index itself, outlined in this Cable Health Index Report. The Software uses there ratings: the health index rating which assesses the condition of the cable, the risk assessment rating which assists with prioritizing each cable circuit for replacement or refurbishment plans and the maintenance and replacement cost rating, which will allow users to get a snapshot of the costs associated with the maintenance of certain cable types. This report examines the process and information used to develop ratings for the condition and failure risks associated with high voltage transmission underground cables.