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Project: T083700 #3406B

The purpose of this project was to develop practical guidelines for a safe separation distancebetween the underground XLPE transmission cables and construction activity. Excessiveexposure to ground vibrations could damage the integrity of the extruded metallic sheath ormetal laminate coverings, which prevent moisture from penetrating the insulation. Staticbending and dynamic vibration experiments were performed to determine the mechanicalproperties of the cable as well as the strain and fatigue cracking of the metallic barrier sheath.Tests were also performed to estimate bond and seam seal strength of the protective jacketand metal laminate sheath. Peak vibrations in terms of peak particle velocities, generated byconstruction activity, such as blasting, pile driving and dynamic compaction, were estimatedusing well-established empirical procedures. Ground vibrations from train and roadwaytraffic were also addressed. A list of published information related to this project was addedand suggestions for future work were provided.

KEYWORDS: transmission cables, mechanical bending, construction vibrations, rail androadway traffic, metal sheaths, fatigue, bond and seam seal strength, integrity of cables.