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Project: T103700 #3411-1

The information used in the preparation of this Manual already existed in various formats within the member utilities. Individual utilities had generally organized their practices in an ad hoc manner, corresponding to their own specific system needs. Since transmission cable systems have always been custom engineered to meet the specific utility requirements, there are a considerable number of variations in the procedures followed by the individual utilities. CEATI’s Transmission Underground Cables Interest Group (TUCIG) collected a large body of documentation from individual utilities, supplemented it with other industry practices, and re-organized it into a standard format during the development of this Manual. Since the source documents reflect the procedures of many prominent power utilities, it is expected that the Reference Manual provides information that is equivalent to “best in class” practices.

The Chapter on Maintenance is the first of three chapters to be completed.


HV Cable Manhole inspections; HV Cable Tunnel inspections; Cathodic Protection for HV Cables; HPFF Pumping Plant Inspections; Transmission Cable Forced Cooling Inspections; HV Cable Spare Parts Inspection; Excavation near HV Cables; HV Cable Support at Excavations; Cable Locating; HPFF Cable Inspections; HPGF Cable Inspections; SCFF Cable Inspections; XLPE Cable Inspections; EPR Cable Inspections; Vacuum Treatment and Filling of Cable Terminations; Freezing HPFF Cables; Re-pressurizing HPFF Cables; DGA Testing for Transmission Cables; Commissioning XLPE Cables; DTS Systems for Underground Cables; Locating Transmission Cable Fluid Leaks; Commissioning Fluid Filled Cables; Underground Cable