Project: T183700 #3411-D7

Executive Summary:

Since work on the Installation and Inspection chapter of the Reference Manual commenced in 2014, the supply of utility documents has not met expectations. A new approach was trialed in 2018 involving the preparation of outline draft documents with an expectation that these would help to stimulate an increased number of utility inputs. In April, six outline drafts were presented at the spring RMTF meeting in San Diego with specific document inputs highlighted. Since then, a substantial number of utility documents have been provided. It is concluded that sufficient material has been provided to permit completion of full draft versions of the six topics. 


Six outline draft documents were presented at the spring meeting of the RMTF in April 2018 and specific document inputs were requested from the members. A considerable number of the requested documents were submitted during the 12-week period following the spring meeting. 

The response to the San Diego meeting presentation has been very gratifying. While some gaps remain, a sufficient number of utility documents and inputs have been provided to permit the development of a set of ‘draft documents for review and comment’. It is believed that further utility documents will be forthcoming once these new drafts have been circulated. It is therefore proposed that these six draft documents be prepared for presentation at the fall 2018 meeting in Tucson, Arizona, followed by finalization early in 2019. 

These documents will be discussed and reviewed at the upcoming RMTF Meeting on November 28th in Tucson, AZ.