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Project: T183700 #3422

A workshop on cable asset health indices was conducted at the 2018 Transmission Underground Cable Interest Group (TUCIG) spring meeting in San Diego. This forum provided an opportunity for a wide-ranging discussion among TUCIG members on methods currently used for asset health determination, protocol details and technique effectiveness. Three participants presented on different methodologies currently being used within their respective utilities. These presentations described very different applications, but were in agreement on the value of the asset health index technique. It was evident from the workshop discussions that there is consensus that the primary role of asset health indices is to provide communication tools that facilitate exchanges of technical information between cable specialists and asset managers about system condition. The use of health indices and related communications generally occurs during investment decision-making and later as backup for submissions to a regulator. There was no enthusiasm among the participants for examining other applications of asset health indexing, such as prioritizing maintenance activities within a work program. Some inconsistencies in the documentation for the CEATI Cable Asset Health Index were identified and discussed during the workshop and suggestions for improvements were offered. Overall, there was consensus at the workshop that despite limitations related to the complexity of transmission cable systems the technique is helpful for effective transmission cable system asset management.

Keywords:Asset health index, transmission cables, pipe-type cables, HPFF, self-contained cables, SCFF, cross-linked polyethylene cables, XLPE, health factors, risk factors, maintainability cost factor, diagnostic testing, DGA, dissolved gas analysis.