Project: T183700 #3422

The existing health index model and software was one of the first projects completed by the TUCIG group. Initially it was a model used from one of the member utilities and further enhanced with input from the 5 member utilities at that time. The health index uses a number of criteria/factors to rate the general heath of a cable circuit. Each factor is rated based on known or assumed factors on a scale from 1 to 10 and is also rated by a weighting factor from 1 to 10 based on the overall importance of each factor as it relates to the health of the cable being rated. The rating and weighting for each factor are multiplied together to arrive at an overall score for each factor and all factors are then added together to come up with an overall health rating for that circuit. A similar system is used for assigning a risk rating for each circuit. The risk-rating feature of the health index model can be used in conjunction (added to) with the health index to arrive at an overall priority rating if a utility wants to prioritize cables for replacement. This project would require a consultant to provide rational / commentary to explain / justify the ratings and weightings that have been developed and used in the health index. The project should also provide a risk assessment discussion of assigning weighting associated with the various health index factors.

The purpose of this project is to explain/validate the rating and weightings currently being used for the health index and risk assessment report/software to provide a comprehensive explanation for the rating system that has been developed to make a more comprehensive document.