Project: T183700 #3423

The purpose is to provide a guide that can be referenced by TUCIG members to provide the following information on each of the three major cable types XLPE, HPFF and LPFF:•

- The application for each test technique; i.e. commissioning for new cables, fault location for failed cables or diagnostics for aged cables for general condition or remaining life•

- The types of testing techniques that are proven to work on each of the major transmission cable types•

- The limitations of those test techniques that are proven to work•

- The types of tests that do not show promise on the major types of transmission class cables•

- Identify any gaps that exists, research or trials that may be required to either prove or dis-prove the various techniques/technologies•

- Recommended intervals for the various types of diagnostic tests appropriate for the various cable types to assist in determining cable condition and remaining life