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Project: T113700 #3503

Security systems and devices are increasingly being used by electric utilities to protect their transmission assets. Utilities require a high degree of reliability, safety and functionality from their security equipment. They require design, procurement, commissioning, and operational specifications which address their security needs in electrical station applications. Security system integrators are often hired by utilities to recommend equipment and designs for electrical stations due to a lack of utility specifications in the security area. This approach lacks critical review and results in undesirable variations and non-standard equipment. Utilities that have their own security system design, and engineering and other specification templates, will have additional tools to critically assess security proposals and will be able to work with a variety of service providers and manufacturers using consistent specifications.

The primary objective of this project was to provide participating electric utilities with design and engineering documents, as well as template documents, for their use in planning, contracting, specifying, supplying or commissioning substation security installations. The template documentation should enable utilities to concisely specify appropriate security system upgrades or designs and be useful for conveying these security requirements to potential security system integrators, equipment suppliers, contractors and commissioning agents.


Substation, Security System, Specifications, Templates