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Project: T123700 #3504

Metal theft, vandalism, and ballistic damage are persistent threats to electrical right of ways and linear assets. This report documents technologies and operational measures that utilities have fielded independently over the years to secure these assets. These measures include intrusion detection and surveillance (IDS) technologies, ballistic detection and protection, physical barriers, security lighting, anti-tamper/theft measures, security force response and partnering and outreach.

These technologies and operational measures are described and assessed in terms of relative effectiveness, relative cost and applicability to right of ways and linear assets. The basis of this assessment is responses to a questionnaire that was circulated among utilities and the investigating team’s corporate expertise in security engineering. In addition, the technologies and operational measures have been associated with a level of protection, the degree to which an asset is protected against a threat. The measures described in this report are applied to meet the required level of protection, as determined from vulnerability assessment.


Security, Right of Way, Linear Asset, Technology, Operational Measure