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Project: T133700 #3506

Electric utilities use a variety of methods to control vehicle and pedestrian access and manage visitors to dam sites, substations, control centers and other critical assets. The purpose of this report is to provide an assessment of access control technologies and management systems from a system integration viewpoint. Effective access control strategies and programs address architectural, technological and operational elements.

Site perimeter considerations are evaluated. CPTED principles, security lighting designs and standards for fence and gate installations are reviewed. Access perimeter control technologies are enumerated and described, including application guidelines. At the fence line (security perimeter), the use of automated vehicular gates, pedestrian gates and exterior revolving doors is assessed. Once inside the security perimeter, the control of access to buildings and then zones within the buildings is examined, with prescriptive recommendations for access to room and space types. Building access control technologies are listed, described and evaluated.

A systems approach is adopted and access control, visitor management and integrated system considerations are discussed. Access control system features and functions are highlighted, automated visitor management system capabilities are examined and system integration requirements described. Finally, the report explores the key elements of an organization-wide access control policy and its accompanying procedures.


Access Control, CPTED, Security Lighting, Rated Fencing, Fence Disturbance System, Microwave System, Card Reader, Security Intercom, Video Camera, Digital Video Surveillance, Intrusion Alarm, Turnstile, Revolving Door, Elevator Control, Key Control, Emergency Power, Infrastructure, Visitor Management, Integrated Security System, Access Management, Access Control Policies