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Project: T163700 #3508

A critical component of physical security is key management. The management of keys has historically been poorly controlled within electrical utilities. Card access is partially replacing the installation of mechanical locks but in many cases conversion to electronic card access control is not practical. The objectives of this report are to identify approaches to key management and to develop recommendations for best practices that can be applied to the full range of access-control needs of electric utilities.

The report addresses technology and applications. Technology refers to keys, key management and other access control products, components and related services. Applications refer to accepted ways in which these technologies are adopted and employed by utility organizations.

The report was developed as a compilation of research and analysis with data gathered from several sources. The report is not meant to be an academic one, but rather a practical summary of utility user requirements and current approaches to key management. The report also includes an industry overview of technologies and applications which are designed to increase the security posture of the utility.

Findings include best practices and trends in the application of mechanical and electronic locking systems, approaches to lock and systems maintenance, key cabinets and key management systems, multi-authentication models, physical security information management systems, training requirements, customer keys, and guiding principles for key management policies and procedures.


Keys, Locks, Key Management, Key Systems, Mechanical Locks, Electronic Locks, Access Control