Project: T203700 #3510

The objectives of this project are to provide:

  1. An understanding of the types and magnitude of current and emerging cyber risks and threats within DER.
  2. An understanding of the risks that DER presents to the electricity grid.
  3. An understanding of industry best practices and recommended solutions and techniques which address cyber security risk management within DER environments. This includes (but is not limited to) integration standards and architectures for cybersecurity in DER .
  4. An understanding of technical and administrative cyber security solutions and techniques currently used within DER deployments. Administrative solutions would include (but not be limited to) recommended items of coverage and legal language in vendor agreements.
  5. A cyber security framework applicable to DER environments which supports upstream regulatory (NERC) compliance where required.
  6. Guidance to implementation of the cyber security framework through use of short and long term cyber security roadmaps.