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Project: T143700 #3710

Distribution systems have faced substantive and significant changes over recent years as a result of an increase in non-linear loads, the connection of distributed generation, a growing mindfulness for the protection of dairy animals against stray voltages, as well as the need to improve efficiencies and controllability. In response, designers are making changes to topologies, adding new protection and control devices, increasing distribution voltage levels, and paying more attention to neutral to earth voltage (NEV). A review of distribution neutral grounding practices is an important part of this response to ensure that networks operate reliably and safely along with serving evolving loads with greater sensitivities to system disturbances. This report summarizes the findings of a comprehensive review of the existing distribution grounding practice in North America; including, determining the level of risks posed by old practices and rules in order to achieve safe and reliable operations. The study provides practical recommendations that benefit the operation, safety, security and quality of the service provided to distribution customers.


Grounding System, Grounding Practice, Distribution System Grounding Practice, Distribution System Grounding Rules