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Project: T154700 #3803

In recent years, several utilities have implemented a Distribution Management System (DMS), SCADA, and undertaken new installations or upgrades to their Outage Management System (OMS). With the primary goals of achieving distribution system automation, reliability improvement and faster restoration times, these projects have led to significant efforts in integrating Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) systems. This so-called IT-OT integration has presented challenges that require consideration for the appropriate use of modern system integration methodologies.

This project investigates the state-of-the-art for IT-OT integration, and in particular, reviews the system architecture, applications, databases, information flows among applications, and the business process impacts.

Leading practices, techniques, pros and cons of IT-OT integration approaches for DMS/OMS/SCADA projects are reviewed, along with alternatives. A survey of utilities was conducted to review current practices regarding DMS/OMS/SCADA integration. Utilizing the survey results and analysis, a conceptual integration framework was developed. The conceptual framework covers integration scenarios for nine Smart Grid applications and provides use case descriptions for each application.

This report summarizes the survey results and provides a reference to understand the status of utilities with regards to IT-OT integration. The objective is to provide a valuable resource for utilities undertaking DMS/OMS/SCADA projects in terms of the people, process and technology.


DMS, OMS, SCADA, IT-OT integration, Smart Grid