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Project: T164700 #3804

Operating the distribution system grid while integrating Distributed Energy Resources (DER) presents significant challenges to distribution system operators. The objective of this project is to identify the major impacts on distribution grid operations when integrating DER resources and to determine the most appropriate solutions for their mitigation. The solutions presented include requirements, use cases, system architecture and associated changes to work processes and product design. Impacts considered in the study include: voltage profile management, VAR control, safety, unintentional islanding, power quality, and others. Unique drivers for each utility, including the existence of energy markets, regional climate factors, regulatory policy and customer profiles, resulted in the construction of a proposed high level roadmap methodology based upon a maturity model for identifying uses cases, requirements and components of the system architecture specific to each utility.


Distributed Energy Resources (DER), Distribution operations, Renewable generation, Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMS), Demand response, Building energy management, Solar generation, Photo Voltaic (PV) generation, Energy storage systems, Electric Vehicle (EV) battery charging, Microgrids, Distributed Generators (DG), DER impacts