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Project: T204700 #3807

Grid management software includes many simulation-based applications that run off a network model that must be cleaned, maintained, and managed on an ongoing basis. The objective of the project is to provide state of the art information on the management of network models, including providing insights as to how utilities use network models, how they are maintained, what data is critical and what is not essential, how the data is cleaned, and what the data requirements for different use cases are. The objective was accomplished by 1) conducting a series of structured interviews with utilities that represent diversity in their size, organization type, and region, 2) performing a detailed analysis of data requirements for different network model use cases including: outage management, fault location analysis, fault location isolation and system restoration, volt/VAR optimization, power quality analysis, system planning power flow, protection and control analysis and unbalanced load flow, and 3) researching software tools, standards, and business process that support industry best practices in data governance.


ADMS, Connectivity Model, Data Governance, Data Quality, Distributed Energy Resources, DER, Fault Location Analysis, FLA, Fault Location, Isolation, and System Restoration, FLISR, Geospatial Information Systems, GIS, Network Model, Network Model Management Software, Outage Management System, OMS, Power Quality Analysis, PQA, System Planning Power Flow, Protection and Control Analysis, PCA, Unbalanced Load Flow, UBLF, Volt/VAR Optimization, VVO