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Project: T143700 #3901

Due to the growing number of multifunctional numerical protection relays used in the power system, spanning across generation transmission and distribution networks that work to protect all components against abnormal and fault conditions, the management of protection settings and configuration data is facing new challenges. These relays are no longer standalone, single-function devices, instead having multiple integrated functions, as well as additional exchange information with different systems (SCADA-System, Equipment Monitoring System, Protection System, Metering System, Wide Area Protection and Monitoring Systems, etc.). These multifunctional relays are known as intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) in the industry.

First, the report identifies the functional requirements for an IED settings database and data management system. The functionality of the database and data management system must support the management of settings and data through the entire lifecycle of an IED. Particular attention was paid to the functionality needed to support tasks intended to document and report compliance with regulatory requirements.

The report reviews the common practices for the IED settings management and tools used by utilities today, and identifies gaps and potential improvements with regards to the identified requirements and needs.


IED Setting Management, IED Setting Database, Automation