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Project: T203700 #3905

This training kit provides utilities with training on digital substation design applications. It explainsthe application of the IEC 61850 series of standards to power system substations and contains theknowledge and best practices from experts that have designed and implemented several digitalsubstations. It provides the skills to prepare and implement mitigation strategies that support atransition to digital substations.

This training kit has two deliverables:

1) A series of six digital Substation Information webinar sessions available on theMyCEATI Portal.

2) A digital substation handbook that consolidates the information presented during thesessions and serves as a reference document.

The handbook is organized and presented as six modules as follows:

01- System Architecture

02- Engineering Process Summary

03- MMS Reporting

04- Goose Messages

05- Sample Value Messages

06- Precision Time Protocol