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Project: T154700 #50/129

Cable rejuvenation technology is an alternative to traditional cable asset management measures, such as full, targeted, or partial cable system replacement; preventative maintenance; or ‘do nothing’ options. It involves the pressurized injection of a multi-ingredient organosilane-based fluid into stranded power cable, followed by pressurized diffusion of the fluid throughout the cable’s insulation. The fluids then react with and remove adventitious water in the insulation, thereby improving dielectric strength and extending the useful service life of the cable, reportedly by decades. The foundations and key engineering considerations regarding numerous technical and non-technical areas of the rejuvenation process have been examined, via extensive literature-based research and utility and vendor discussions. The findings, which are explained in detail throughout this report (and partly summarized in the Rejuvenation Applicability Matrix), can be used as a reference for decision making at various stages of a rejuvenation project - namely, pre-rejuvenation, execution, and post-rejuvenation. Additionally, this study identifies key knowledge gaps in rejuvenation technologies and practices, and proposes high-level plans to address these knowledge gaps.


Cable rejuvenation, Cable Injection, Medium Voltage Extruded Cables, Water Tree, Cable Aging Mechanisms, Novinium, UtilX, SPR, UPR, iUPR, iDBMDB, iXL, Cablecure™ 732