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Project: T164700 #50/134

This report presents a detailed overview of the major issues caused by an extensive proliferation of Distributed Generators (DGs), based on an extensive literature search. The various adverse impactsof DG connectivity are described together with example case studies for addressing these challenges in utility distribution systems. Examples include both actual implementations of remedial measures and simulation studies on realistic distribution networks illustrating the mitigation techniques.

Smart inverters are considered an effective solution for mitigating the negative effects of DG integration. This report illustrates the benefits of smart inverters and potential challenges related to their coordination. Detailed system modeling and study techniques for developing mitigation measures for DG penetration are presented. Subsequently, recommendations are made to utilities for determining appropriate techniques to mitigate adverse DG impacts in distribution systems.


Photovoltaic solar systems, Distributed Generators, Distributed Energy Resources, Wind power systems, Inverters, Smart Inverters, Protection