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Project: T174700 #50/141

This project provides a comprehensive summary of best-practice inspection techniques for in-service indoor and outdoor distribution cable terminations. The project covers both pre-molded terminations and heat shrink and cold shrink terminations, air terminations, and elbow terminations.

This guide includes a review of the structure of terminations as well as modes of failure to identify how incipient failure could be predicted and avoided. The report serves as a guide to help avoid, identify, and eliminate latent errors in the cable termination structure, as well as present maintenance teams with the necessary tools for performing accurate and meaningful inspections.

In addition to the visual and physical inspections, more advanced inspection techniques including partial discharge and IR thermography are included in the guide. The commercially available cable termination inspection techniques have been presented with the corresponding interpretation of test results. Exclusive utility and manufacturer surveys have been designed to understand the latest trends and the direction in which the industry is headed in regard to the inspection of cable terminations. A combination of the literature review, utility & manufacturer survey, and METSCO best practices has been used to develop the guide.


Cable termination, inspections, infra-red, partial discharge, advanced testing, failure modes