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Project: T174700 #50/142

This report describes case studies of various applications of advanced data analytics in several utilities in Canada and the US. It further describes various advanced data analytics applications in a representative set of industries (other than electric power utilities). The objective is to provide areas where power utilities can benefit from the knowledge of these applications.

A summary of 10 surveys conducted by North American and European utilities over 2011-2017 is included. Summaries of some published surveys conducted with utilities by other organizations on the use of asset data models and asset health indices are also presented.

This report further presents the outcomes of a survey of utility members’ use of advanced data analytics and asset data models in various transmission and distribution applications.

The five most widely used software for advanced data analytics and asset data management are determined from an extensive review of more than 25 software vendor websites, and their rankings are provided by various professional organizations and utilities that participated in the survey.

The concepts and importance of comprehensive cost effective asset data models in asset management decision making are described. The condition and non-condition parameters required for developing Asset Health Indices for different components of a power distribution and transmission system are enunciated. A generic asset data model for Reclosers is presented.

It is expected that this report will provide utilities with a greater understanding of techniques for using distribution advanced data analytics, asset data models, and the benefits they can bring in planning, operation, and asset management of distribution systems in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Advanced data analytics, Big data analytics, Asset Data Models, Power Distribution systems, Power Transmission Systems, Asset Health Indices, Reclosers, Softwares for big data analytics, Softwares for asset data management