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Project: T184700 #50/146

Utilities in the U.S. and Canada are experiencing a rapid expansion of solar photovoltaic (PV) installations on their distribution systems. These installations are often not monitored or controlled by the utility in the same way as conventional generation, which can lead to technical and operational challenges for the distribution system and sub-station equipment. This work describes a methodology for addressing some of the potential issues associated with increasing levels of PV on the distribution system. The motivation for developing this methodology is to help streamline the interconnection process for prospective PV installers by identifying the levels of PV penetration that can lead to system impacts at the distribution level, rather than relying on a catch-all or overly broad approach.


Interconnection, Photovoltaic, Solar, Distributed Energy Resource (DER), Regulatory, Small Generation Interconnection Procedure (SGIP), Lockout, Tagout, Anti-Islanding