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Project: T184700 #50/148

Wood poles represent a significant asset for most utilities. Damage and deterioration at the groundline and poletop can result in loss of strength and failure of the pole. If the strength of the pole can be augmented, then the likelihood of failure is reduced, and the pole can remain in service for a longer period.

The products available to augment the strength of in-service wood poles at and above ground-level (including near the poletop) are constantly changing. An up-to-date database of available products and potential future products allows utilities to maintain a state-of-the-art pole management program and decide whether investment in these systems is a cost-effective approach to managing their wood pole inventory.

This report provides information on systems currently available and under development, as well as identifying the current and past wood pole refurbishment practices of utilities in North America.


Pole restoration, Repair, Reinforcement, Refurbishment, Pole stub, Truss, Pole wrap, Poletop extension, Utilities industry survey